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Your Options of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There are various reasons why men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Going to a male reproductive health specialist is a must for men who experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction. These doctors will first check if your condition is caused by other medical issues like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other serious physiological problems. It is up to these doctors to make a conclusive diagnosis of your erectile dysfunction. Seeking appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment is the next step after getting a final diagnosis of this disorder. When looking for the right erectile dysfunction treatment for your condition, you have to consider many things like your budget and needs. According to studies out of ten men who experience some form of physical disorders, seven of them are more prone to erectile dysfunction.

As a person suffering from this condition, bear in mind that you have several erectile dysfunction treatment options to choose from. One of the most common options is to take oral medications that target this condition. The doctor is the one that will be prescribing these medications. The use of these medications has been noted to cause unwanted side effects for some men. The most common side effects include anxiety, increased breathing, hot flushes, and palpitations. This is why many men decide to get other erectile dysfunction treatment options for their condition.

There are different kinds of oral medications that are used to treat erectile dysfunction treatment. For penile muscles to relax, these medicines work by stopping the breakdown of nitric oxide. Erection results when there is no interruption to enough among of blood flow that goes through the male organ. With PDE-5 inhibitors in the medication, a lot of blood supply flows through the penile muscles not only making the organ erect but also increasing the sex drive to a maximum of 36 hours.

You also have the erectile dysfunction treatment option that makes use of the hormone called alprostadil. It helps make the male organ erect because of its ability to relax the muscles and promote proper blood flow. This hormone is directly injected into the male organ using a very fine needle. These hormone erectile dysfunction treatment injections are of great help for men who are also dealing with the effects of low testosterone levels.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment options, you don’t just have oral medications and invasive treatment. There are also non-invasive methods like the use of vacuum devices to treat erectile dysfunction. These devices come as plastic pumps where men should insert their male organ inside. The air inside the pump will be pumped out so that that male organ will stand and swell. This allows for the men to proceed with his preferred sexual activity.

Another erectile dysfunction treatment option involves the use of acoustic wave therapy. This treatment approach is non-invasive or does not require any surgery and is great for men no matter their age. It can be done as a standalone treatment or with other erectile dysfunction treatments.

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